This year’s costumes could be crazier than ever

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If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s almost Halloween. If ever there was a year to dress up, this is it. There…aresomanydifferent…options this year.  You had to have been hiding under a rock in a cave in Antarctica these last few weeks to not know that Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore characters are a few of the trendy costumes that are already flying off shelves.

However, while trendy is great, traditional still seems to be the way to go for the 4.9 million Americans who want to be a witch, according to NRF’s 2010 Top Costumes survey. That said, I am willing to bet that the 40 percent of people dressing up this year will be more creative than ever before.

Don’t be surprised if you see a few of these on Halloween night:

  • Geico Gecko - he’s green, he’s tiny and he’s feisty. What a great costume idea!
  • Disgruntled airline employee- the former flight attendant who quit his job on the spot and made a dramatic exit via the plane’s chute caused a media frenzy this past August and is now a costume idea for all to enjoy.
  • Sesame Street characters – Adults simply can’t get enough, and who can blame them? These fun, fuzzy characters are still going strong after 40 years.
  • Iron Man – one of the year’s blockbuster hits, Iron Man is great for kids or adults.
  • BP Jumpsuit – after causing a stir earlier this year, this costume takes a stab at the oil spill heard around the world.
  • White House party crashers- the couple who allegedly snuck into a White House State Dinner have made many headlines this year.

Who or what do you think will turn up Halloween night?

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    I love the flight attendant idea, very creative. I am willing to bet that we will see a bunch of Situations and Snookies running around this year. Personally my favorite costumes are the classic ones that aren’t necessarily in the limelight today. Would like to see a good Mr. T costume, or maybe Teen Wolf. Maybe I’m just stuck in the 80′s.

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