Three retail marketing trends you need to know about now

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Learn more about May is Marketing MonthRetail marketers don’t have much time to catch their breath before they’re switching up the marketing mix yet again, adjusting to changing consumer behavior and pioneering new strategies to dazzle customers. As more consumers rely on mobile devices, spend more time online and expect a greater level of personalization, retailers are investing in social, mobile and local to meet these new demands.

In response, the folks at and RAMA have declared that May is Marketing Month and will be focusing on this new wave of retail marketing with an entire month of programming to educate their communities on best practices. This year’s May is Marketing Month event will dive into some of the latest research, trends and topics in the world of retail marketing—all across the course of two digital retail marketing half-day workshops in New York and San Francisco, two webinars and three regional networking dinners.

So, what exactly will our communities be talking about next month? We’ll take a deep dive into the convergence of channel marketing, how impactful SoLoMo really is in the marketing space, and how to preserve brand integrity across all divisions of a company. Here are the three trends in detail and how you can be a part of May is Marketing Month.

Social and mobile have changed the face of online (and offline) retail. There’s no denying that today’s consumer is increasingly on-the-go and always plugged in. Social and mobile are already carrying some serious weight in the marketing mix, and we’re seeing it become even more important. Retailers have been at the forefront of using social and mobile platforms to engage customers, build an army of fans, and better understand what customers want. But we’re still learning about how consumers really use social and mobile to make buying decisions.

In our digital retail marketing half-day workshops, we’ll be sharing the results from our latest study on social and mobile commerce that show how consumers shop through social and mobile mediums and how they’re connecting with brands via social networks.

And in a webinar on May 23, Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president, principal analyst at Forrester Research will share what you need to know about the State of Retailing Online (SORO) Report Findings andAnalysis:  2012 Mobile Marketing Edition.

SoLoMo is more than just the new buzzword. SoLoMo, or the convergence of social, local and mobile, is completely irresistible. Not only do marketers know exactly who and where their customers are, but they can deliver a highly personalized shopping experience that keeps them coming back.

Our workshops in New York and San Francisco will reveal what the data says about how customers are engaging with location-based marketing, and we’ll talk to retailers about how they’re using SoLoMo to engage customers.

CMOs must bring it all together across channels to preserve a consistent brand image. The most important thing for a retailer’s marketing organization is not one tactic or another—it’s how everything works together. With so many moving parts and different teams working on social, mobile, local, print, digital, interactive and other initiatives, how does today’s CMO ensure a consistent brand image?

In a May 9 webinar, we’ll take a look at the ways CMOs are building brand consistency across print and digital creative departments, how they’re organizing their teams, and tips for creating a seamless look and feel across traditional and new platforms.

If you want more retail marketing trend talk, join the conversation on Twitter with #MarketingMonth. We’d love to know what which retail marketing campaigns are your favorite and which retailers you draw your inspiration from. Tweet us now.


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    I think SOLOMO is one of the most under discussed topics in marketing at the moment. I guess this is mainly because all three are new areas and marketers are struggling to get each one done well but to succeed integration is key.Fantastic article.

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