Show your love for retail: Vote today (and often) in NRF’s “This is Retail” video contest

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Out of many, many great entries, 20 finalists have now been named in NRF’s “This is Retail” video contest. Almost as soon as the top 20 announcement was made, finalists took to their websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages to announce their triumph. The outpouring of support and excitement surrounding this contest so far has been nothing short of phenomenal.  It’s only been a little more than two days since voting began and the site has already recorded more than 100,000 votes! And if that’s not enough to impress you, here are a few more facts:

  • Communities are rallying around their local retailers. The Boston Globe, Louisville Courier Journal, and Monmouth Atlas Review are just a small sample of media helping to get the word out about the contest and encourage their communities to show their support.
  • In just two days, the #ThisisRetail hashtag has created over 960,000 impressions and reached another 500,000 users on Twitter.
  • Even Capitol Hill has caught contest fever, with Politico providing a bit of competitive coverage yesterday.

If there’s one thing all of the top 20 finalists seem to have in common, it’s a sense of community. Across the 15 states represented in the contest and in video after video, it’s very easy to see exactly how important working with, helping, contributing to and giving back to local communities really is. It’s also evident that these finalists truly believe that working in retail is something they were born to do.

If you haven’t already, visit and vote for who you believe should be among our top 10 finalists which will be announced on Monday, April 9. Here’s a look at the top 20 in alphabetical order:

We encourage you to check out their stories, vote and pay close attention in the coming weeks. It’s guaranteed to only heat up from here on out!

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    We are so impressed with all the submissions and over 100,000 votes so far! We even featured all the videos on our site as well! Great contest! We are eager to see who makes it to the Winner’s Circle!

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