Groupe Casino showcases how precise retailing can be

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Precision retailing, an analytics-driven approach for improving product assortments, pricing and promotions, is transforming the efficiencies of retail and as a by-product, improving customer experience. Retailing giant, Groupe Casino, has taken the precision retailing concept to the next level. During Sunday afternoon’s BIG Show Super Session, executives from Groupe Casino and SAP shared how they’ve partnered to build a mobilized consumer platform.

Scott Flathers, Vice President of Solution Engineering for SAP, says the best definition of precision retailing he knows of is, “influencing a customer’s buying decision while they’re walking down the aisle of a grocery store.” Flather’s took BIG Show attendees through Groupe Casino’s mobile app, which focuses on targeted one-to-one marketing and special offers, an optimized shopping list based on history and preferences, and pushes up-sale and cross-sale opportunities directly to the customer at the point of purchase. In the video clip below, Flathers walks attendees through each facet of the app, showcasing the capabilities of the technology.

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    I am intrigued by the interactive and innovative functions and features of the platform. It is far better than what I shared with one CEO of a retail academy in Singapore in December 2010.

    I used to wonder aloud on the number, if any, of Singapore retailers having gone to the extent of leveraging on the government’s innovation incentives and other subsidy schemes to revolutionize on the shopping experience in the local industry.

    My concept included the eventual realization of shoppers being enabled at a shopping centre’s cafe or any other tenanted F&B outlets to log-in the intranet of the network of retailers within the shopping centre to browse for promotional items, new products, etc, and place order for their chosen items as well as items from their home-prepared shopping lists whilst they were having their meals or beverages.

    The shoppers could continue to add in items into their baskets / trolleys as they move around the aisles whilst waiting for their e-shopping lists to be processed by the retailers’ staff. Through the same system, the shoppers could be progressively advised on the status of preparation, and eventual collection.

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    Fantastic Information !! I appreciate your blog.

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